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Quality Meat Packers Limited (QMP) is a privately owned company with a commitment to quality and innovation. Our company is guided by a family commitment to quality that goes back to our founding in 1970, when the company established its first outlet in a posh Nairobi suburb under the name Hurlingham Butchery Limited. Our flagship location is a constant reminder of our company’s heritage and the values upon which our business was founded.

Those values - quality, reliability, and teamwork – are shared by the more than 250 associates who work at Quality Meat Packers facilities throughout the East African region and the 80 farm families who raise and care for our cattle, lamb and chicken. Our family and farm tradition is always in our hearts, but our innovative spirit defines our future. We embrace change, pursue continuous improvement and invest in the technologies and opportunities that will drive our business forward.

It is with these values that Quality Meat Packers has grown from humble beginnings in meat retail to a vertically integrated agribusiness with interests in the production and rearing of fresh beef, lamb and chicken. In 1994, the company constructed a modern abbatoir and meat processing complex that was custom built to meet the stringent hygiene and safety criteria set by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, the World Health Organization and the European Union. The new complex became the first privately owned slaughterhouse and meat processing plant to be declared export compliant by the Government of Kenya in 1998. In 2002, the company established its first poultry farm to ensure consistency in the supply of chicken which has since grown to five such farms with immediate plans for further expansion.

Today Quality Meat Packers operates the largest privately owned slaughterhouse and meat processing plant in Kenya. Our beef, lamb and processed poultry products are unique as we are one of the few vertically integrated agribusinesses in the region. This vertical integration gives us total control of the origin and freshness of all products and enables us to ensure the quality of our products at every step.

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