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Situated alongside our abattoir, our de-boning plant is equipped to de-bone up to 100 tons of de-boned product per shift. The plant produces a full range of beef, lamb and chicken cuts for sale to major supermarket chains, caterers, hotels, restaurants, butchers and other retail outlets.

All meat and poultry products are packed on site, either by vacuum or in food grade wrappers per customer specification. The product is then tagged with a printed label indicating the date of manufacture and use-by date, ensuring that the product reaches the consumer in a fresh state. Before final dispatch from the de-boning plant, all products are stored at 0 Centigrade or less, having been metal detected to ensure quality and safety.

Keeping in line with our emphasis on quality, the de-boning department was upgraded during the last quarter of 2006. The upgrade consisted of totally replacing the floors, walls, ceilings, and ventilation to an international standard. New cold storage facilities and loading bays were also added to allow the de-boning plant to work independently. The new de-boning facility is capable of processing XXX tons per day on a single shift, which is sufficient for our current requirements and will be increased to a second shift as demand increases.

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