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Our ability to deliver world class services to our clients is as important to us as the quality of the products we produce. To satisfy our standards of quality and excellence we have left nothing to chance. Our meat processing complex is complemented by unrivaled infrastructure. This includes two on-site generators with a total capacity of 1000 KVA, which is enough to power our plant and offices.

A constant supply of fresh water is assured through supply from two boreholes within the complex. All the water we use is passed through an advanced water purification system and is checked for cleanliness three times a day.

All our products - whether swinging carcasses, meat cuts or branded products - are distributed directly from our complex in Nairobi. More than 40 trucks and vans are involved in distributing Quality Meat Packers products in Kenya and throughout the region. All vehicles are either refrigerated or specially insulated. The fleet of vehicles operates on a distribution schedule that ensures timely delivery of products to retail supermarkets, hotels, lodges, institutions and restaurants alike.

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