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Our Values

Quality Meat Packers (QMP)

Our enduring success as a family-owned company rests largely on our commitment to our principles and priorities. At Quality Meat Packers, these values guide every decision we make:

  • EXCELLENCE: Reflected in the highest quality products and the best possible service to our customers.
  • INNOVATION: Demonstrated by our ongoing investment in new product development and continuous process improvements.
  • COLLABORATION: Driven by our desire to provide every customer with customized solutions to their unique and evolving challenges.
  • INTEGRITY: Expressed in our commitment to professional ethics, integrity and honesty throughout every facet of our organization.
  • SAFETY: Proven by our superior product safety track record and by providing a supportive and safe environment for all employees.
Our Blog

Trust Every Bite

Get more insights about Quality Meat Packers from our blog. Read the news and other interesting pieces published periodically.

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