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Our People

Quality Meat Packers (QMP)

Quality Meat Packers is dedicated to a work environment that fosters integrity, collaboration, accountability, safety and mutual respect. We want every one of our facilities and offices to be a place where people can develop and grow, where individuals with unique talents and diverse backgrounds can make meaningful contributions.

We realize that the care and management of meat and poultry from farm to fork is a highly demanding business. It combines the most modern thinking from across the globe with the knowledge and experience that farmers have been gathering since the dawn of time. At Quality Meat Packers we believe that it is only through the dedication of our people that we are able to harness years of expertise to deliver consistent quality and service.

Quality Meat Packers currently employs about 600 full time associates and provides a market for approximately 200 farm families. Our ongoing success can be directly attributed to the many different people and skills that we have assembled. Our team encompasses the whole spectrum of experience and expertise, all of which combine to enable us to provide exceptional levels of quality and service in all our products. Our team members include professionals in fields as varied as animal sciences, food technology, finance, administration, maintenance and operations and each team member is united by a commitment to excellence and collaboration.

Our Blog

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